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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hills and views 2- Lamberts Castle

A break in the weather and an early start saw us blowing the cobwebs away on Lamberts Castle. 
It is an Iron Age fort, as are most of Dorset's high points and until quite recent times, the site of a yearly fair. It is a favourite with dog walkers, horse riders, kite flyers and of course, us. 

The hill divides into two completely different environments. On one side paths run through a woodland of fantastically gnarled trees whose cover of moss makes them glow a vibrant green in the morning sunlight. A great place for chasing hobbits into hollow trunks, white rabbits down holes and for kids to have proper, rather than digital fun.

The other side is wide-open hillside with birdseye views that encompass most of Dorset. There are even seats from which to enjoy them. A perfect place for feeding your sandwiches to the passing mutts.

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