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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Holiday in a folly

High above Kimmeridge Bay, in the Purbecks, stands Clavell Tower, a folly built 1831 by the Reverend John Richards in an era when people who possessed money also possessed an equal amount of style. It stands perilously close to the cliff edge, making the most of the stunning coastline; so close that it was in danger of dropping off altogether. Then along came a saviour, the Landmark Trust, who, after rebuilding the tower 80 feet further inland, set about renovation. The result, unveiled in 2008 is now available for all to hire.
I really rate the Landmark Trust. I've stayed in a number of their properties and have never been disappointed yet. 
The Trust, closely affiliated with the National Trust, saves and renovates architectural gems too small for larger charities to deal with. After making them habitable, they breathe life into them once again by making them available as holiday properties. 
Staying in one is not a cheap option but it really is a case of getting what you pay for; the quality of renovation is always meticulous, the architecture fascinating and the stay unforgettable. They have around three properties in Dorset, many more across Britain and several abroad. They are currently restoring the late John Fowles home in Lyme Regis a Georgian maritime villa.

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