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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Alien Xtra

After uncovering the big hairy men of Dorset in my Woodwoser piece I thought I'd search for some little green ones. It seems even Dorset is under surveillance from those pesky critters.
The fuzzy picture above, obviously taken though a pair of underpants, shows a recent UFO hovering over Bournemouth. The professional photographer described it as orange-red in colour and looking like Thunderbird 3. It was reported in that specialist magazine, The Sun.
As for landings, Maiden Castle has seen its fair share of crop circles appearing in surrounding fields; that is until disgruntled farmers adopted a more robust approach convincing the Green Ones to park elsewhere.
This otherworldly activity caused enough of a stir for specialists to convene an 'Unexplained Mysteries' conference  in Dorchester featuring a 'modern day Indiana Jones' who'd, 'been to Egypt', under the heading 'the truth is not out there, it's in Dorchester'...
Not to be trumped, I think I to may have discovered my own evidence of nocturnal extra-terrestrial activity as this clipping from a local paper shows.

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